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Youth Sports Program and Events

 Youth Ages: 9 through 24 years

Gender: Male and Female

Competition Events: Skateboarding, BMX, Motor Cross, Snowmobiling, Inline Skate, and Special Olympics.

Youth Programs: Mentoring, Health and Wellness, and Life of an Athlete (this program is mandatory for all athletes and parents in order to participate in events).

We are always looking for new volunteers to participate in our programs and events. Please email or call for more information.



Each year some youth go without doing any activities, or having friends to talk with. Could you imagine not being able to attend an athletic game because you don't have the funds to attend them, or just having a friend to go with. Even if it is someone just to talk with or maybe someone to help with your school work. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who has the same interest as you do. We can help! If you are interested in either being a mentor or are a mentee contact us at: 231-215.7331 or email us at: jayjayskatepark@yahoo.com

Mentors must be at least 18 years of age: any gender

Mentee's accepted ages of 9 through 17 years. any gender

Mentors are able to accept single mentee's or group of 6 mentee's.

All mentors are trained, and have are carefully screened. Each mentor is connected to mentee's with a similar interest.

Supporting our youths.

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Jay Jay's Skate Park

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