Jay Jay's Skate Park

Our Story

Our organization started out  in 2007 when both Chad and Jeremy who are both  engaged into  skateboarding and snowboarding have decided to take their interest into another level. Instead of going to different parks to do what they do best, it was time to create their own park with the intentions of working with youths within our community and surrounding areas.
So, why not build a park for youths and the community to enjoy as well as educate youths who are in foster care, transition, or homeless in life skills and use as a workforce for youths to gain work skills so when they are at an age to go out on their own they will be ready. These skills not only can do a 360 degree in youths but will also provide new leaders in our community to reach out to other youths.

Who We Are


Jay Jay's Skate Park is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. 

EIN # 64-0964253



 To support and propel youths to reach their highest potential. 



Jay Jay’s Skate Park will become a primer community based sports center focused on empowering youth through extreme sports and creating positive leaders for tomorrow. 




 Chad - Founder

Jeremy - Founder


Board of Directors

Dawn Nessen - President

Amanda - Treasurer

Amber - Secretary

Eric Campbell

Heidi Lemmon

Jeanie Colella

Jeff Compagner

Gabriel Jay Cavazos 

Supporting our youths.

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Jay Jay's Skate Park

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